How I draw “Michael Crawford”

Main Subject:

Step #1: Sketch guidelines

Michael Crawford 1

Step #2: Start with face sketch

Michael Crawford 2

Step #3: Sketch hair pattern

Michael Crawford 3

Step #4: Sketch the rest of the guidelines

Michael Crawford 5

Step #5: Finalize lineart

Michael Crawford 6

Step #6: Add colors

Michael Crawford 7

Step #7: Add shadow, highlights, etc.

Michael Crawford 8

Step #8: Proceed to polishing

Michael Crawford 9




Step #9: Draw background guidelines (dimension)

Michael Crawford 10

Step #10: Sketch background

Michael Crawford 11

Step #11: Finalize background lineart (add leaves)

Michael Crawford 12

Step #12: Add color and necessary shadows for background

Michael Crawford 14.jpg

Step #13: (optional) Edit with other software/apps

Michael Crawford 15

This would’ve been way harder if it was traditional, but drawing with graphic tablets is similar. The easier part in digital is you get to add layers to avoid ruining your base lines. I hope this helped to you who want to try and draw. This works in any position.

~ Dawn


“Michael Crawford”

“Michael Crawford”

Michael Crawford - ready to post 1

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

FINISHED | April 18, 2017

ABOUT | Michael Crawford is an original character of the author prepared for another untitled and unclear novel. Drawn in about five days (with hours of breaks in between) and a sore shoulder in result. Made with Pixia and edited with Pixlr Express.

“Male Body Model”

“Male Body Model”

Male Body Model 2 - colored

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

FINISHED | April 09, 2017

ABOUT | First digital artwork posted on this site. A Male Body Model based from the original character’s (OC), Jax, body design. Lining art and color are done in Pixia.

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