[official identity] John Tech Breyne

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FINISHED | June 25, 2017

ABOUT | Cool geeky guys? Here you go. Another official appearance of my characters. “Glasses” seemed to be the appropriate name for it.

Although I’d like to point out that something’s gone wrong with his nose and face shape. I wouldn’t be able to edit the actual art because it’s already traced with Uni Pin (which is permanent). Expect a digital version of this, including the art Displeased.

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**color and words are edits by said app




Jaxus Colin Red [official identity]

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FINISHED | June 21, 2017

ABOUT | After my recent artwork last April that had resulted to a sore shoulder (check “Michael Crawford”), I was inspired by a comic to draw again and, one day, make my own comic based from my stories. This was an attempt to practice the official identity of my character Jax, and it went so well.

I named it “Displeased” because of his displeased expression (which is normal to him), though not intended with personal reasons.

**Original photo edited by the use of Pixlr Express app.

**Artwork and signature by hand; lettering above is edited by said app.




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FINISHED | February 20, 2017

ABOUT | A portrait of my 21st Century Literature teacher, sir Milmore. A request he had always been asking.




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ABOUT | An accidental portrait of my friend, Jeremy.

This was drawn in a computer class. Jeremy was fond of drawing side-views of other people’s faces, even if they turn out real ugly. He had drawn mine couple of times, and that time I decided to get my ‘revenge’.

He was drawing someone else that time, and he was facing sideways. I started drawing on my computer notebook, and when I finished the lines from his forehead to the chin, it actually turned out good. That’s when I decided to attempt sketching him. It actually turned out better than I expected.

“Shin Gouenji”

“Shin Gouenji”


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FINISHED | January 22, 2017

ABOUT | A fanart of Gouenji Shuuya, a major character in the anime series of “Inazuma Eleven”. Shin means ‘new’ in Japanese, and this Gouenji is quite very far from his original face. Hence, the name. My style of drawing is affecting it…

“John Tech Breyne”

John Tech Breyne


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FINISHED | January 08, 2017

ABOUT | John Tech Breyne is one of the main characters of The Lost Mind. He appears quite as much as Jax and has a great role in the story.

Character does not exist in any other animation or cartoon and is completely of the artist’s ownership. Artwork is not allowed to be used in any other purposes.




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FINISHED | January 05, 2017

ABOUT | another artwork fail. This was supposed to be John Tech Breyne, but Artist’s Syndrome hit me again. I used a 0.5 pin on the lining, which made the lips look like he’s wearing lipstick (biggest regret). Some say the hands were a bit small (sister >.>) but pins cannot be erased.

I named this Frustration, because I was also frustrated at this. I’ve erased this a few times and still didn’t give me satisfaction.

This was a request from a friend. She’s currently having a big crush on him.

“Jax (The Unrecognizable)”

Jax (The Unrecognizable)


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FINISHED | January 04, 2017

ABOUT | this was meant to be Jaxus Colin Red, but my Artist’s Syndrome (made up) is clicking on my hands to make him look different (The Unrecognizable). I’ve used a shader on this one, the shades on the hair and some parts were great.

I don’t like the result (on the drawing, not the shading), but as an artist as I am he’s still precious.

“Computer Literate”

Computer Literate


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FINISHED | November 22, 2016

ABOUT | a Computer Literate drawn under the topic of Computer Literacy. It was only coincidental that the page left a huge space for me to draw. (Ignore the finger please…)

Character also does not exist in any other series or animation. John Tech Breyne is an original character made from the figment of the artist’s mind. I do not allow anyone to use him in any other forms, literature or not.

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