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FINISHED | January 05, 2017

ABOUT | another artwork fail. This was supposed to be John Tech Breyne, but Artist’s Syndrome hit me again. I used a 0.5 pin on the lining, which made the lips look like he’s wearing lipstick (biggest regret). Some say the hands were a bit small (sister >.>) but pins cannot be erased.

I named this Frustration, because I was also frustrated at this. I’ve erased this a few times and still didn’t give me satisfaction.

This was a request from a friend. She’s currently having a big crush on him.


“Jax (The Unrecognizable)”

Jax (The Unrecognizable)


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FINISHED | January 04, 2017

ABOUT | this was meant to be Jaxus Colin Red, but my Artist’s Syndrome (made up) is clicking on my hands to make him look different (The Unrecognizable). I’ve used a shader on this one, the shades on the hair and some parts were great.

I don’t like the result (on the drawing, not the shading), but as an artist as I am he’s still precious.

“Computer Literate”

Computer Literate


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FINISHED | November 22, 2016

ABOUT | a Computer Literate drawn under the topic of Computer Literacy. It was only coincidental that the page left a huge space for me to draw. (Ignore the finger please…)

Character also does not exist in any other series or animation. John Tech Breyne is an original character made from the figment of the artist’s mind. I do not allow anyone to use him in any other forms, literature or not.




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FINISHED | November 20, 2016

ABOUT | A beautiful Angel. Made for an art in a notebook requirement.

“Klase nasad Ugma”

Klase nasad Ugma


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FINISHED | November 9, 2016

ABOUT | “Klase nasad Ugma” means “School again tomorrow” in Bisaya (a Philippine dialect) said in a dreadful way, drawn right from the heart on a Sunday night and dreading the thought of another school week to spend.

“TLM Trios”

TLM Trios


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FINISHED | November 7, 2016

ABOUT | TLM (The Lost Mind) is a work-in-progress novel and will soon be published on wattpad under the username of ScratchWrites07. These characters are the three main protagonists of the said novel, and the artist does not allow anybody to use the artwork in any other purposes.

“Jaxus Colin Red”

Jaxus Colin Red


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FINISHED | August 5, 2016

ABOUT | character does not exist in any other animation movies or series. Jaxus Colin Red is a self-made character and is exclusive only for the artist’s own use.

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